Chinese podcast recommendations

Podcast is an audio program format similar to ancient radio stations. It costs less to produce than video content and more than text content. Listening to podcasts is much easier than reading text, and it is easier to gain more in-depth and detailed insights by listening to podcasts than watching videos. For me, the most attractive thing about listening to podcasts is the companionship and nourishment. It’s like sitting among a group of people and listening to them chatting.

Get Things Done: My Take Away

Get Things Done is a self-help book written by David Allen, which introduces some basic methods to arrange your daily tasks so that you can live a productive and stressless life. Here are my takeaways.

Bali travel experience notes

In August 2023, I stayed in Ubud, Bali for a month. Just like my stay in Dali, I didn’t check in many famous attractions. , more often than not just wandering around in the rice fields and among the houses. This article just summarizes some local life information to provide a reference for friends who are interested in traveling to Ubud.

It is also my first time to travel abroad, and I am traveling alone. As long as I prepare in advance and solve problems step by step, all problems can be easily solved.

My English Learning Story

Part 1

I am 27 years old now. I had my first English course around at the age of 10. At that time English was not a course being taught at elementary school, and it usually was taught starting in middle school. But my mother found a teacher to teach me simple English words on Saturdays. I mainly learned basic vocabulary, such as numbers, months and letters.

Philippine Study Diary (Part 2)

Just before 6:30 on Sunday morning, I woke up from bed, picked up the phone on the table, checked today’s to-do list, and waited for the 6:30 alarm clock to ring.

Before 7:30, I was already sitting on a bench in the dining room, carrying a schoolbag. In it were a Snickers bar for breakfast, half a bottle of hot water, and a Chinese novel lent to me by a Taiwanese classmate. Finally, Teacher Zelle walked in and said, “Wait a minute, I’ll have a cup of coffee.” As she said this, she tore open the bag of coffee powder and bent down in front of the water dispenser to get the boiling water to make coffee.

The rain was pattering heavily outside. It seems that a typhoon has passed by recently, and the rain has been intermittent this week. Sometimes it pours down and wets the slippers under the eaves, and sometimes the sun is shining in the sky and dries the ground.