Podcast is an audio program format similar to ancient radio stations. It costs less to produce than video content and more than text content. Listening to podcasts is much easier than reading text, and it is easier to gain more in-depth and detailed insights by listening to podcasts than watching videos.

For me, the most attractive thing about listening to podcasts is the companionship and nourishment. It’s like sitting among a group of people and listening to them chatting. You can feel everyone’s voice and smile through the sound, and feel the atmosphere of the conversation at that time. What’s more, The important thing is that you can discover a lot of interesting people and open up a lot of interesting worlds through a favorite podcast.

Starting from listening to Ms. F’s monthly updated radio program on NetEase Cloud Music in 2015, to listening to “Be Fortunate” on Himalaya, and then to listening to a lot of podcasts using the dedicated podcast application “Little Universe” in 2019, my history of listening to podcasts It’s been over 8 years. Podcasts have had a lot of influence on me. “Speaking of the Evening Breeze” prompted me to travel to Dali for 2 months after leaving my job in 2020. Digital nomad-related podcasts prompted me to quit my job and start taking a gap year in 2023.

Here I would like to share with you some podcast programs that I have heard very much, maybe you can also find your favorite program among them. (Unless otherwise specified, all podcasts can be listened to in the “Little Universe” APP.)


Miss F’s radio series

Miss F’s radio station belongs to the humanities and social sciences category. She majors in journalism and communication, and her mother is a professional radio host. Therefore, her podcast performs well in terms of soundtrack, sound quality, editing and pronunciation. It is recommended to listen to NetEase Cloud Music, because in addition to the programs exclusively broadcast by NetEase Cloud Music, you can also see the anchor’s messages and listener comments from many years ago. As Miss F said, “Use your own voice to interpret your own words.” Her podcast is written first and then interpreted, and each issue has a complete text version.

  • " Mortal Corner “: It has a history of eight years, from the early monthly update to the current annual update. Rich in emotion and full of ideal and romantic temperament, it often moves people to tears. " 001 A small room to hold all of myself “, the first episode of the podcast, the story starts here; " 016 Not just a love story " you can hear how a professional anchor uses multiple voices to interpret an interesting and touching scene Love story; " 029 Me as a Child and Me as I Grow Up " allows you to hear the voice of your inner child; " 100 Stories of Books and Fire " was released in Guangzhou at the end of 2022, although all we talked about were novels , but it is also a reflection on the social events we were experiencing at that time.
  • " Mortal Love “: Exclusively played by NetEase Cloud Music, each issue talks about different aspects of love from a movie. " Vol. 5 Humans Fall in Love with AI " is about the science fiction movie Hers, a love story between humans and artificial intelligence. When it comes to love, perhaps artificial intelligence can see more clearly.

“Evening Breeze Says” by Jade

The podcast that has had the most profound impact on me contains a large number of interviews with people who have lived in Dali, and historical records of the life journeys of many ordinary and interesting people. The podcast content has been deleted by the host from all platforms and cannot be listened to in Xiaouniverse.

  • " E104 Ba Ya Ya | Please enjoy your ice and snow alone .” Ba Yamo’s collection of poems is one of the few that I can read in its entirety. As the cover of her collection says, “People say that gentle people have wisdom. I don’t want wisdom, just gentleness.”
  • " E89 Huanzi | Before the advent of artificial wombs, equality between men and women was impossible. " This sensitive topic was discussed in more depth along with a news incident involving a certain female star at the time. Some topics are better avoided than faced.
  • " E70 Jade & Doudou (Fu Lu Shou) “. The opening song made me want to stop playing. From this podcast, I got to know a psychedelic band Fu Lu Shou that I really like and a sci-fi drama “Loop Story” that I really like. Later, I met a good friend in Dali who also liked this band.
  • " E50 Jade & Li Jianzhang “. Lao Li is a Dali pottery maker. This is the first time I have met such a sincere person. “Truth” always comes first among “truth, goodness and beauty”. “Truth” means being cold and not kidnapped by morality and filial piety.
  • Jade’s other great podcasts are guest appearances with other podcasts. For everyone’s convenience, they are placed in the chapters of “Getting carried away”, “Tavern”, and “God loves to play with money”.

Zhang Xiaoyu’s “getting carried away”

Zhang Xiaoyu is an investor with a background in finance. She can chat with the spiritual blogger Xue Ba Mao, have a drink with the math enthusiast Bro Feng, talk about psychology with the psychological counselor Jian Lili, and also chat with the psychological counselor Jian Lili. Jade, who has the same financial background, talked about Bitcoin and meditation together, and also created the first investment lesson of “knowing and doing” with entrepreneur Meng Yan. At the same time, he wants to create a decentralized education form to popularize basic logical knowledge to the public.

  • " 64: Remembering Darkseid “. Darkseid is the phonetic notation of Dark Side. In this issue, I talked with musician Chen Jingfei about her career change from finance to music, the dark side of women she felt growing up, and how to accept her own dark side. and used to create. A very spiritual episode with great music.
  • " There’s no one else on the 61 floor .” Talking with Meng Yan about playing tennis and investing philosophy, just as Buffett said, everyone must have their own internal scoreboard and their own evaluation criteria. Don’t worry about other people’s evaluations. Your opponent is yourself.
  • " 57 When you are ready, you are ready .” The second podcast with Jade, it was from this episode that I got to know “Evening Breeze”. How to let yourself go and find peace of mind. When I heard the ending song, I happened to be walking on the mountain. The green trees in the distance were layered in the mountain space, and white clouds were embedded in the deep blue sky. It was already evening, and Sakamoto Ryuichi’s music rose. , that moment was super wonderful. When you are ready, the universe will respond to you. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.
  • 53 Fantasy Drifting in the Decentralized Era ”. First podcast with Jade. Talk about life difficulties, midlife crisis, and spiritual experiences.
  • " 10 What is happiness? “. Talk to Xuebamao about the three driving modes of life: desire-driven, fear-driven and creative-driven. I met a programmer named Ren in Dali in 2020. He said, “Take what you like to do to the extreme, and opportunities will naturally appear.” This sentence still inspires me deeply.
  • " 00 Preface: The Crisis of Liberalism .” The cool opening quote provides a lot of links to scientific information that is missing in daily life. I was attracted to this podcast by this episode. Maybe starting from this episode, you will also like Zhang Xiaoyu’s podcast and his desire to educate through education. The world created.

“Knowledge and Action Bistro”

A very important financial knowledge popularization podcast, produced by a financial management team with a good reputation. If you don’t know how to manage your savings and are confused about whether you should buy a house, stocks or funds, whether you should withdraw your provident fund in cash, or whether you should buy commercial medical insurance, you might as well come to a tavern and have a seat.

  • E76 I really wish! I knew these real estate common sense before buying a house .” Are your parents urging you to buy a house? Let them listen to this one.
  • E51 If you have a baby, your financial freedom will be gone? ”. Children are nicknamed “gold-eating beasts with four legs” by many people who want financial freedom, but is it really expensive to raise children? In this podcast, “Also Talking About Money” talks to financially free post-90s mothers to dispel many people’s misunderstandings about spending money to raise children.
  • E45 I really wish! I knew these financial management knowledge when I was studying .” A migrant worker who plans to become financially independent at the age of 30 “also talks about money”. He is a guest in a tavern and shares the experience he has learned from investment and financial management since college. Many people have problematic impressions of financial freedom. The public account " Money Talk " has changed a lot of my views on financial freedom. FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) may not be a path worth taking. The financial concepts of “Also Talking About Money” are not only very high-quality on the domestic Internet, but after I started listening to English podcasts, I found that his summary of investment books is even better than what the English author of the original book himself said in the podcast.
  • " E12 Meng Yan: Please board the big ship of China’s economy | Wan Feng said on Taiwan .” Corresponding to the 100th issue of “Evening Breeze Talk”, Jade had a conversation with Meng Yan. From this podcast, I got to know Meng Yan, the founder of “Knowledge and Action”, and started my journey of fixed investment in funds.

“God loves to play with money” by Jess

In 2023, Jess reflected on the problems in the development of the mind-body and soul industry in the last issue of “God Loves Playing with Money” " 73 Krypton Money, Cults and Narcissism - The Toxicity Award of the Mind-Body and Soul Industry " and decided to quit the body-mind and soul circle, podcast Renamed “Shame Play”. Jess is a shameful, brave, rational and spiritual woman. She talked about many shameful and sensitive topics during her time on “Bitch FM”. “God Loves Playing with Money” is her sharing of meditation, spiritual experience, and trauma healing. A place for information about divinity, love, play, and money, each of which is an important part of life.

  • " 72 Dark Version of the Law of Attraction - Existence is Metamorphosis “. A very interesting perspective of God. Why does God let you suffer? Because everyone is the incarnation of God. The transcendent life of Nirvana is too boring. As God, you experience a dramatic life through greed, anger and ignorance. In this case, it is better to quit. Get off the surface of your pain and see that you are enjoying it on the inside.
  • " 70 Crying is healthier and raising children .” Jess became a mother, but was tortured by the baby and suffered from postpartum depression. After getting over the depression, she introduced an educational method that finally allowed her to find a peaceful coexistence with the baby: why babies need to cry, and what parents should do when babies cry What to do and how to keep your baby from disturbing your sleep and state of mind.
  • " 47Sex and spirituality are the same thing .” Chatting about sex with Jade from “Night Breeze Talk”.
  • " 09 Death is the ultimate party .” An eye-opening issue, a journey of spiritual experience achieved by psychotropic drugs.
  • " 02-2 Headless Meditation “. To introduce meditation from an atheist’s perspective, I recommend Sam Harris’ Waking Up APP. I have been using this APP for 3 months. I highly recommend its introductory meditation course, which will be introduced in the English podcast chapter. In July 2023, I met a German girl at a meditation center in Bali and found that she was also using this APP.
  • " 01 How many times have you shuffled the cards in your life? “. In the first episode, I talked with Steve, a psychological counselor, about why I started this podcast and how to survive the transformation period in life.

Meng Yan’s “No One Knows”

  • " E22 Duku Laoliu: Most people choose to become the majority .” If you find that there are structural flaws in what you are doing (even if you try very hard and do it very well, you still won’t achieve what you want), don’t do it. The same goes for work. Choice is more important than effort.
  • " E21 All gifts given by fate have already been marked with a secret price .” From Zweig’s The Beheaded Queen, to When Humanity’s Stars Shine, through the story of the first submarine cable laid from the United States to the United Kingdom, it talks about the price to pay for creating a good product.
  • " E18 What you are is what your investment is ." In a conversation with Dr. Chen Peng, who has been working in the financial industry for 25 years, a person’s personality traits can also be seen from his investment style.
  • " E15 Zhang Wuji’s Infinite Game “. Interpret Zhang Wuji in “The Legend of Heaven and the Dragon Slayer” from the perspective of finite games and infinite games. When is the time to retaliate? It is better to let go of hatred, let all things pass through you, and enjoy your own infinite game.

Other single-issue programs

PS English Podcast

Listening to English podcasts is very effective in improving your English ability. One suggestion is to find a program that interests you the most. It is interesting enough that you can keep listening to it. As long as you keep listening, you will soon notice the effect. Another suggestion is to focus on understanding the entire context rather than listening to every sentence. You may only understand 30% of the content at first, but you can gradually improve to 80%. After listening to many daily English interviews, your reading speed of English books will naturally increase.

  • " Yeah, Why Not Podcast “: A podcast about the life of Chinese international students. The spoken English is very fluent and standard, and there are not too many new words. It is very suitable as an introduction to English podcasts.
  • “THD Chinese-American English Interview Show”: Three Chinese-Americans interview Chinese-Americans from all walks of life working in Shanghai. They have more new words, speak faster, and the topics are local and interesting. For example, " 120 Larry Wang: The Right Direction " talks about how to find career direction in confusion.
  • “Waking Up” APP : Sam Harris is a neuroscientist who studies meditation from an atheist perspective. Although Sam Harris also has a podcast, I recommend his meditation app more. The introductory meditation class in the APP is great and easy to stick to. It only takes 20 minutes a day, 10 minutes of meditation practice, and 10 minutes of theoretical knowledge behind meditation. The entire APP also has many podcast conversations and meditation courses between Sam and other scientists and practitioners, which are organized very clearly. The English of the introductory meditation course is not very difficult, but some interviews are very fast and contain many new words, but after extensive listening for a long time, you will naturally understand most of the meaning.
  • “Indie Hacker”: An interview show for independent developers, where you can hear the opinions of many famous developers. For example, " E04 Confronting Your Fears and Taking a Leap " by Pieter, the developer of Nomad List. (Can’t find it in Little Universe, you need to go to the official website to listen)
  • " The Fluent Show “: Regarding the experience and methods of foreign language learning, the British accent is very nice. (Can’t find it in Little Universe, you need to go to the official website to listen)
  • “Healthy Hacker”: A Ruby programmer’s personal podcast, which has been discontinued for 4 years. He switched careers to make music. A very interesting programmer shared how to quickly remember the names of strangers and how to share them at a developer conference. " 11 Growing as a programmer " tells the story of his career from working in the Apple Genius Bar to becoming a Github employee. (Can’t find it in Little Universe, you need to go to the official website to listen)

There are limited English podcasts on “Little Universe”, and the new version has removed the function of adding podcasts through RSS, and some podcasts cannot be added. So if you want to listen to more English podcasts, you can choose other apps, such as Overcast (recommended for iOS) and Pocket Casts (recommended for Android).