At more than 2 am (Beijing time) on June 6, 2023, at the Apple Developer Conference, after the introduction of the new features of iOS, iPados, and MacOS in one hour, the lens turned to a dark lecture hall, a silver -haired Apple company chief of Apple Company Executive Cook, with his slightly old voice, said, “There is another product, we have prepared for it for many years.” The big screen is dark, and the bright arc outlines a outline of a ski mirror. This is Apple’s first virtual reality glasses, Apple Vision Pro.

I have bought Facebook’s virtual reality head wearing glasses Oculus Quest2 (Facebook is renamed Meta Quest2). It was the most cost -effective integrated virtual reality glasses at that time. You can experience the 2K physical display screen brought by more than 2,000 yuan. Virtual reality effect. A few months later, I sold it on the idle fish. This short essay is to review Apple’s virtual reality glasses from the place where I am dissatisfied with QUEST2.

  1. The direct reason for me to give up is to be unfriendly to the people of the glasses. I have 400 degrees myopia. Although QUEST 2 supports magnetic myopia lenses, I also spend more than 100 yuan from Taobao to customize the lens, but the actual effect of the lens is not good. Just like our ordinary myopia lenses, the curvature perspective in front of us is very good, but if you look at the viewing angle of the side of the lens obliquely, you will easily see the blurredness caused by the unevenness of the curvature. VR glasses fix the perspective of the glasses, and the space on the side will have this unnatural vagueness. Of course, this can be alleviated. One is customized lenses (rising costs), and the other is wearing contact lenses. Compared with the high price of Apple VR glasses (more than 20,000 yuan before tax), the cost of these two measures is relatively relative It’s not high.

  2. Loneliness. Wearing Quest 2 glasses is like being immersed in a world that others can’t see. It will have a feeling of isolation in the world, and when you wear VR glasses, it is usually in a safe and unmanned place. For example, on the chair and living room sofa in the bedroom, this feeling of isolation from the world has been increased. Apple develops some social functions based on the iOS ecosystem, and you can look forward to the social application of VR eyes; on the other hand, he is curious if anyone will bring glasses to appear in daily scenes. Even if the eyesight effect can allow you and the people around you Eye communication, but because some of your attention is in another online world, it will definitely affect the feeling of external people when communicating with you, just like communicating with people wearing Bluetooth headsets often feel that he can’t hear you speak. Essence

  3. Cumbersome and top. Quest 2 integrates the battery in the head display, which makes it even more bulky to wear on the head. Apple’s head is connected to a battery with a charging cable. You can use the battery in your pocket to reduce the weight of the head.

  4. Sullen. Just like a mobile phone, the VR screen is used for a long time, and the eye part is closed because it is closed, so it is easy to cover the eye area. Watching the video of the Apple conference, there is a row of heat dissolutions in front of the head, and it is also equipped with the M2 chip optimized by Apple’s home heat. According to my MacBook Pro experience, the chip’s cooling ability will be much better than Quest2, but considering the screen resolution of screen resolution From 2K to 4K, the heat dissipation effect still needs to see the actual situation.

  5. Low playability and not rich in applications. Quest2 VR game is to play with the body, it is quite hard; watching the movie is good, but there are problems mentioned earlier and hot; when browsing the web, although it was a very good 720P naked eye resolution (2K physical screen) at that time (2K physical screen) The effect is still average, and the large -screen webpage based on Android is inconvenient to use two handles. Apple has launched a new operating system for virtual reality glasses. In the future, there will be a richer software ecosystem that optimizes it, so you don’t need to worry about it. Baseball; you can use your two -handed finger to use the virtual keyboard across the air. The effect of daily office can also look forward to it (just, it is a bit doubtful, can it really be realized).

All in all, Quest2 allowed me to experience the immersion effect of virtual reality. It was amazing for the first time, but it really couldn’t compare with the world that I saw. It was easy to attract me to play at the same time. Eating gray and taking off the glasses, the world in front of me suddenly returned from 720P to the retina, which is easier and colorful, and it cannot replace the happiness of linking with people.

Due to the good impression of Apple’s product interaction experience, I look forward to the ultimate effect of Apple VR glasses, and I am also curious about through Apple’s help. Virtual reality glasses will eventually make humans link and communicate with each other more conveniently. People are more isolated and self -centered? let us wait and see.